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STEM Skills, Community Impact, and Career Readiness 

Offer students opportunities to develop technical STEM and holistic skills through competition and career-ready practices with FIRST® Tech Challenge Class Pack.

Throughout this year-long course, students will create a robot and utilize tools for self-growth in technical skill development and engineering design thinking. Each semester of the course culminates in an event where students present what they've learned and use their robot to compete in a class mini-game. 

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Bring FIRST Tech Challenge Class Pack to Your Students

  • Modification Guidance for COVID-19 Interruptions:  Regardless of your learning environment this school year, FIRST has created guidance and options to help you engage your students in the FIRST experience. These suggestions and options are not prescriptive, and local health and safety regulations and guidance should precede any of the recommendations in this guide. >Download the guidance
  • Access to the digital FIRST Tech Challenge course curriculum through the FIRST Thinkscape Portal for students & teachers until September 2021. See the overview here.
    • 11 units of Teacher Planning Support & Lesson Guides
    • 11 units of Slidedecks for student-guided learning 
    • Engineering Notebook Templates
    • Rubrics for assessing the engineering notebook, career readiness, and robot design
    • Teacher Guide for best practices and classroom management resources
  • Students can earn digital badges through Tallo to demonstrate skills and competencies 
  • 1 Mini Game Kit - includes a manual and replica 8 x 8 playing field with two alliance zones from current competitive season challenge

You can request a demo of the FIRST Tech Challenge curriculum in Thinkscape and view our scope and sequence options for this year-long course, which can be flexible and adjusted based on student needs and to coincide with a competitive qualifying season or independent classroom experience.  

FIRST® Tech Challenge Class Pack registration materials for the 2020-2021 season are unavailable due to high demand. Sign up below to learn more and find out when registration opens for the 2021-2022 school year.

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FIRST Tech Challenge materials for classroom

Essential Program Elements 

(not included with Class Pack)


REV Robotics Education Kit

Can be purchased separately through FIRST.REV Robotics Education Robotics Kit

This kit includes everything you need to build a basic robot that can be operated autonomously with the REV Control Hub and tele-op with gamepad. View technical specs and system requirements.

This kit includes: 

  • REV Control Hub, Android phone, Web Cam, and necessary wiring

  • Color and touch sensor

  • Gamepad

  • 240+ REV metal and plastic pieces including structure pieces, motion pieces, wheels

  • Rechargeable battery pack and charger

  • 1 core hex motor, 2 smart robot servos, and 2 HD hex motors

  • Storage bin

  • Hardware and tools

If you have an affiliated FIRST Tech Challenge competition kit from TETRIX or REV, you can use your existing set to interact with the Class Pack curriculum.


REV Robotics Education Robot Upgrade Kit (optional)

Can be purchased through the FIRST dashboard.

REV Robotics Education Robotics Upgrade KitThe REV Robotics Education Robot Upgrade kit allows customers to expand their existing education robot kit and take a deeper dive into the two-semester curriculum with extended builds and sensors.

  • The upgrade kit gives students more functionality in the classroom and combined with the REV Robotics Education Robot Kit, the Upgrade Kit provides Class Pack sites with a complete FIRST Tech Challenge Competition Set
  • This combined kit provides sites with the equipment needed to transition to competing as a qualifying FIRST Tech Challenge team. Sites interested in qualifying competitions are required to register a FIRST Tech Challenge individual team to compete in regional events

This optional kit includes:

  • Additional gamepad
  • Servo
  • Core Hex Motors
  • Wheels, gears, chain, sprockets to increase functionality

Standards Alignments 

FIRST has completed an external analysis and mapping of FIRST Tech Challenge to national educational standards. Below is a list of the available standards alignments:

  • Common Career Technical Core (CCTC)
  • Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) 6-12
  • International Society for Technology Education (ISTE)
  • Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  • Social and Emotional Learning Standards (SEL)
  • Standards for Technological Literacy (ITEEA)
  • Standards for Technological Literacy (ITEEA) 6-8

Class Pack Details

Class Pack


Students Served
  • Thinkscape Learning Management System Access
  • Student Activities (online)
  • Teacher Lessons (online)
  • Digital Engineering Notebook
  • 1 Mini Game Kit
  • Access to the FIRST Professional Learning Community on Thinkscape
  • Thinkscape Access

    Aug 2020-Sept 2021

  • Participation Cost 2020-2021


  • REV Robotics Education Kit
    Recommended 1 kit per 3 students

    REV Robotics Education Robot Upgrade Kit (optional)



  • Professional Development
    Optional but strongly recommended
    Read more

    $500 (1 seat)

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