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  1. Remembering Evelyn Kamen
  2. Game Manual Part 1 Re-release
  3. FTC Scoring Team Guide
  4. Virtual College Fair
  5. Final Days to Purchase: Give the Gift of Inspiration
Remembering Evelyn Kamen
In this letter to the FIRST community, Dean Kamen remembers his mother Evelyn Kamen, who recently passed away at age 96. Evelyn was a schoolteacher who raised four children and inspired hundreds of thousands more through her classrooms and her contributions to FIRST.
Game Manual Part 1 Re-release
Please make sure to download the most recent version (version 1.3) of the Game Manual Part 1 – both remote and traditional.
FTC Scoring Team Guide
As you prepare for remote judging please review the updated team user guide for FTC ScoringThe integrated video conferencing tool may be used for events in your region, including the Dean’s List Interview. Please be prepared to present, and understand the permissions and restrictions of the user interface for teams.
Virtual College Fair
TODAY, December 2, FIRST and Tallo are hosting a free virtual college fair specifically for FIRST students. You’ll have the chance to connect with colleges and universities who are looking for FIRST students. We’re using a new app, Ping by Tallo, to match you with colleges based on how your interests and preferences align with theirs. It’s a fast and easy way to learn about new schools who have great programs and choose who you want to connect with! Sign up now!
Celebrate Computer Science Education Week (December 6-10) with FIRST!
Looking for activities to do with your students during #CSEdWeek (December 6-10)? We have five FIRST-inspired activities to help you celebrate the fun of learning computer science in your classroom or with your team.
Final Days to Purchase: Give the Gift of Inspiration
The 2021 Christa McAuliffe Silver Dollar commemorative coin is the perfect way to show appreciation for educators and mentors this holiday season. Christa’s legacy is a reminder of the incredible impact teachers have on students – and therefore, the future – and honors all the educators and mentors who inspire others to pursue knowledge and careers in education, space, STEM and more. By purchasing a coin, you are supporting kids in STEM and continuing Christa’s legacy. They are only available until the end of 2021! Learn more about how to purchase at firstinspires.org/coin.