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Team Blast October 5, 2023

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  1. Game Manual Part 1 Re-release 
  3. FIRST® Safety Manual Release
  4. Tech Tip of the Week
  5. Team Webinars

Game Manual Part 1 Re-release
Version 1.2 of the Game Manual Part 1, traditional and remote, was re-released on October 4, 2023. Please be sure to download the most recent version. The new version includes important updates to the robot inspections sheets. All changes are listed in the revision history.
We are pleased to inform you about the partnership between FIRST® and! is a cloud-based work operating system that allows teams to organize and manage their projects and assignments.

FIRST® Tech Challenge and FIRST® Robotics Competition teams may access one account with 10 free users and unlimited guests per team.

To sign up, follow the steps outlined on this FIRST Robotics Competition blog.

FIRST® Safety Manual Release
The FIRST Safety Manual is a new resource that outlines safety for all FIRST participants, whether at an event, designing and building their robot in team meetings, or traveling to and from competitions. Teams, mentors, coaches, and volunteers should be familiar with safety protocols and best practices outlined in the FIRST Safety Manual.

FIRST® Tech Challenge Tech Tip of the Week
When using AprilTags, choosing the right webcam can save you from having to perform your own calibration before being able to use it for obtaining AprilTag Pose information.

This week’s Tech Tip of the Week explores the new Webcams for VisionPortal document that highlights several commonly used webcams that have calibration data built-in to the SDK itself. Maximum frame rates, field of view, and supported resolutions with calibration data are all covered for each of the most common webcams in FIRST Tech Challenge.

Short on time? Be sure to check out the handy quick summary at the bottom of the page! Did you calibrate your own camera and determine lens intrinsics for it? Please check out this FIRST Tech Challenge Community post to contribute to the crowd-sourcing effort for calibration data!

Team-Focused Webinars
FIRST® Tech Challenge has choreographed an exciting lineup of webinars specifically designed to help coaches and teams in this year's riveting theater of competition, CENTERSTAGESM presented by RTX.

To see what Gameplay tips and Dean’s List discussions you might want to be part of, see our blog post about the webinars!

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