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Team Blast June 13, 2023

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  1. Game Manual Part 1 Release
  2. Software Development 8.2 Kit
  3. FIRST® Tech Challenge Grants

Game Manual Part 1 Release

On Tuesday, July, 11, 2023, FIRST® Tech Challenge released the Game Manual Part 1, for both traditional and remote events. Every team should read over and understand all of the rules outlined in Game Manual Part 1 which include robot build rules, competition rules, advancement rules, etc. For a quick reference of some of the changes for the upcoming season, please check out our recent blog post.

Software Development Kit 8.2 Release

On Tuesday, July 11, 2023, FIRST Tech Challenge released the Offseason 8.2 version of the Software Development Kit (SDK) that facilitates robot programming. With the announcement of AprilTags in the CENTERSTAGESM presented by RTX game, the SDK includes a brand-new feature called the VisionPortal, which completely revolutionizes the way teams will interact and program with Computer Vision (AprilTags and TensorFlow). SDK 8.2 includes the new VisionPortal APIs so that teams can begin familiarizing themselves with the tools and technologies they will need to be successful in CENTERSTAGE! Documentation on all things software can now be found on ftc-docs, including:

💻AprilTag Introduction
💻VisionPortal Overview and SDK API
💻Understanding AprilTags
💻AprilTag Sample Test Images
💻FTC SDK 8.2 Software Repository

The Software Development Kit 8.2 will be available via the REV Hardware Client soon!

FIRST Tech Challenge Grants

FIRST has a selection of grant opportunities available for FIRST Tech Challenge teams. Make sure to check out on our Team Grant Opportunities!


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