Spotlights on Raytheon Technologies, #PeopleofSTEAM, FIRST alumni and more
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Working Together to Create the Next Generation of STEM Leaders

Long-standing supporter and FIRST® Strategic Partner Raytheon Technologies helps support the mission, provides employee mentors and team funding, and most recently was a sponsor of the More Than campaign. Read how Raytheon Technologies is also supporting the development of a diverse workforce, inspiring community volunteerism and career pathways, expanding the STEM talent pipeline, and helping to give students the tools for success. 

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of STEM Leaders” >>

#PeopleofSTEAM FIRST® Storytelling Campaign Launched

On February 1, we launched a new storytelling campaign, #PeopleofSTEAM, which will highlight diverse voices in our community and the impacts they are making on the world of FIRST and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) on local and global scales. The ongoing content series kicked off with a TikTok and Instagram Reels video and stories will be featured on FIRST social and blog content in the months to come. Share your story on social media with #PeopleofSTEAM.

Kahoot! Activities on the Global Impact of Black Innovators

FIRST believes that STEM is for everyone, and we emphasize the importance of diverse thinking as one of the most influential ways we can encourage youth to solve the world’s greatest challenges. To foster this learning, these Kahoot! activities educate and encourage discussion about the global impact of Black innovators. The activities are age-appropriate for middle and high school learners and are available throughout the year on the FIRST Kahoot! page.

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Alumni Spotlight: Carter Thompson, Aerospace Engineering Student

FIRST Alum Carter Thompson is an Aerospace Engineering student and FIRST Scholarship recipient at Syracuse University. His interest in engineering was sparked by his time on FIRST® Robotics Competition Team 20 “The Rocketeers” from Clifton Park, New York, and set him up well for taking Intro to Engineering during his first semester: “The end of the semester project in this class is hands on and my FIRST experiences prepared me well for the challenge!”

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