Plus, get energized for the 2022-2023 FIRST® season!
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Yesterday, we launched the 2022-2023 FIRST® LEGO® League SUPERPOWEREDSM season, energizing participants (ages 4-16*) to reimagine the future of energy. Kickstart your team’s season today by downloading materials for the Challenge, Explore, and Discover divisions as well as SUPERPOWERED themed wallpapers, social graphics, and posters. Don’t forget to check out the updated Game & Season page for all the latest season information.
*Ages Vary by Country

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Parents are Empowering their Kids to Imagine Exciting New Careers in STEM through FIRST®

FIRST® has partnered with leading consumer storytelling platform Upworthy to tell stories about the transformative power of our program. Our third article focuses on how parents are empowering their kids to imagine exciting new careers in STEM. Hear from several members of the FIRST community about how robotics is developing resilient, innovative STEM leaders, including Erica Fessia from FIRST, Vitruvian Bots mentor and Raytheon engineer Fazlul “Fuzz” Zubair, TeraWatts mentor Fatima Iqbal-Zubair, student Aaron, and Zebracorns student Afzaa and her father, Mujib.

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Reimagine the Future of Energy During FIRST®
ENERGIZESM presented by Qualcomm

Every great step forward in our society has been fueled by a source of energy and we’re constantly finding new ways to generate the energy we need to keep the wheels of innovation spinning even faster. Join us for the 2022-2023 FIRST® ENERGIZESM presented by Qualcomm season to reimagine the future of energy.

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FIRST® Inspires Students to Use STEM Skills for
Global Good

FIRST has partnered with leading parent and lifestyle outlet for an article that emphasizes students’ power and ability to positively affect social challenges at any age. Sharing statistics about the significance of student accessibility to programs like FIRST, the article emphasizes how students with STEM-enabled skill sets have the potential to move the world forward in a positive way. FIRST is featured as the solution to solving the planet’s most pressing problems by helping students take what they learn in the classroom and applying these concepts to the real-world issues they want to see changed.

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Meet the Teams Building a Better Future with
Star Wars: Force for Change

Disney, Lucasfilm, and FIRST teamed up earlier this year to launch Build the Future powered by Star Wars: Force for Change; teams from around the world submitted their stories of science, technology, leadership, and perseverance to create a brighter future for everyone. Leaders from three FIRST® Robotics Competition teams chatted about how they were introduced to FIRST, their exciting projects, and much more.

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Energize the FIRST® Mission

As we charge up for the FIRST ENERGIZE presented by Qualcomm season, we want to thank you for your support during our transition back to in-person events! We held the 2022 FIRST Championship in Houston and saw record setting attendance. We also just held the 2022 Global Innovation Award ceremony in St. Louis; you can see some of the amazing youth-led innovation that your support enables here. Now, we look forward to kicking off the FIRST ENERGIZE season and inspiring even more young people to see their potential in STEM.

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