Bring engaging robotics programs to your school.

Students engaged in STEM programs are prepared for success in the classroom and the workforce. FIRST® is an inclusive robotics community with programs to support educators by engaging students of all backgrounds and capabilities in STEM learning and preparing them for the future.

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Ignite Curiosity in Every Student

At FIRST®, we believe all students need access to develop the wide set of skills our modern economy demands. High-quality STEM learning and engagement opportunities can be life changing for young people in disenfranchised communities who otherwise might not have a direct pathway to the fast-growing STEM economy.

Through our hands-on programs proven to build 21st century skills, students from all walks of life can take the lead in their learning and develop self-confidence in STEM and valuable, real-world skills – such as digital literacy, teamwork, leadership, creative problem solving and project management—that open pathways to all career choices and outcomes.

“Students became engaged in the classroom and the lessons. Students who struggle to read were able to take leadership roles with coding. All students got to participate and showcase their talents.” — FIRST Coach



Discover how you can bring FIRST programs to your students and provide mentorship to help them prepare to take on challenges and opportunities and reach their full potential.


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