FIRST® empowers young people to be catalysts for change. Through its  programs, students ages 9-16 explore what it means to be an innovator, finding solutions to today’s societal problems and impact the world for generations to come. 

In the 2021-2022 season, CARGO CONNECTSM, FIRST® LEGO® League students participating in the Innovation Project will identify a problem related to improving the transportation journey of products, research the problem, and design a new piece of technology or improve an existing one.

Teams nominated for their outstanding solutions will advance to the 2022 FIRST LEGO League Global Innovation Award presented by Qualcomm to attend workshops with innovation and industry experts, showcase their innovative solutions in front of a global audience of peers, sponsors, and industry leaders.



GIA landing page photo band - 2021


Join us in celebrating the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, and STEM heroes at the 2022 FIRST LEGO League Global Innovation Award.

June 21-23, 2022 to St. Louis, MO, USA

Before the show:

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FIRST has helped me become a better innovator, think outside the box, and not to be scared to tackle problems like scientists and engineers have been trying to solve for years. It doesn’t matter if people think your solution is too weird or too different to work. When you show you can fix a problem in a new way, they will understand. The fact that it was different is what made it successful.”

− Camilla S., 2019 Runner-Up

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