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  1. Important Resource Updates! 
  2. Forum Blog Post 
  3. FIRST® Mentor Network 
  4. FIRST® Scholarship Program 
  5. FIRST® Tech Challenge Dean’s List Team Webinar 


Important Resource Updates!  
Game Manual Part 2 - Please be sure to check out and download
the latest revision of the Game Manual Part 2 – both Traditional and Remote versions. All updates are listed in the revision history.  
Forum Blog Post 
There are a few ways that FIRST® Tech Challenge offers help and assistance to our team and volunteer community to ensure their success when competing in, or volunteering for, the program. Check out our blog post for the ways teams and our volunteer community can ask their questions and receive feedback from FIRST Tech Challenge experts!  
FIRST Mentor Network 
As the season gets busier, your team needs and plans may shift. If your team find themselves in need of additional support, check out the FIRST Mentor Network. It’s a great way to quickly and easily connect with mentors near and far. Whether you’re looking for technical support on an ongoing basis or just someone to review your team’s business plan, there are mentors waiting to connect with you! Build a profile today and connect with a new mentor! If you’re already signed up, try these tips and tricks to help your team get noticed:  
  • Brag about yourself! What is your team about? What are your team goals? How will getting help assist you in reaching your goals?   
  • Message potential mentors! This is key. Don’t sit on the sidelines. Reach out to mentors in your area or who have the skills you’re looking for. Take the first step!    
  • Message Back! If you get a message from a mentor, be responsive. We know things get in the way, but always be gracious and respond, even if you no longer need help.    
FIRST Scholarship Program 
The FIRST Scholarship Program is now open! The FIRST Scholarship Program includes a range of scholarships including the Dr. Bart Kamen Memorial FIRST Scholarship for students pursuing medical careers; and the Woodie Flowers Grant for Dean's List Award Winners. Check out these and more ways FIRST supports life after high school on our website. 
FIRST Tech Challenge Dean’s List Team Webinar 
If you missed last week’s Dean’s List Team webinar you can
watch the recording here! Check out our blog post for the full team webinar schedule.