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  1. Kickoff Sweepstakes 
  2. Kickoff is Coming! 
  3. Technical Documentation is Moving! 
  4. Machine Learning for FIRST® Tech Challenge Teams and Robots
  5. New FIRST Tech Challenge Software for Teams 
  6. Equity and Access Grant 
  7. FIRST Tech Challenge Rookie Grants 
  8. Qualcomm Technologies  
  9. Raytheon Technologies Sustainability 


Kickoff Sweepstakes 
FIRST® Tech Challenge has officially launched our Kickoff Sweepstakes! Four winners will receive a 2022-2023 POWERPLAYSM presented by Raytheon Technologies partial game set and scoring elements. All teams need to do to enter is complete their 2022-2023 FIRST Tech Challenge team season registration before 12 p.m. Eastern Time September 15, 2022, for a chance to win the 2022 Kickoff Sweepstakes. If a team has already completed their FIRST Tech Challenge season registration for this season, they are already entered into the sweepstakes.  
Kickoff is Coming! 
Don’t miss your chance to join the fun! Save the date for Saturday, September 10, 2022. Make sure to reach out to your local program delivery partner to find a kickoff event near you or join us on YouTube at 12 p.m. noon Eastern Time!  
Technical Documentation is Moving! 
FIRST Tech Challenge has moved control system, programming and CAD resources to an html platform “FIRST Tech Challenge Docs” to increase searchability for important topics and better organize content. The resources are now organized by persona so that you can easily find what you’re looking for based on your needs as a Rookie Team, Veteran Team, Coach or Technical Mentor.  This platform will be updated regularly with new content and links to sponsor content and offers. Check it out. We’re also collecting feedback, please feel free to provide it via this FIRST Tech Challenge Docs form. 
Machine Learning for FIRST Tech Challenge Teams and Robots 
Interested in learning more about machine learning? The FIRST® ml-toolchain will be open to FIRST Tech Challenge teams through their registered coach or mentor after kickoff. This platform allows teams using TensorFlow to expand their machine learning skills through training their own models. In the meantime, prepare and review the ML-Toolchain User Guide. 
New FIRST Tech Challenge Software for Teams 
Check out our FIRST Tech Challenge Complimentary Software page to learn more about Monday.com, a cloud-based platform that facilitates team collaboration and allows users to create their own applications and work management software. There will be a webinar to introduce the platform to teams on September 12, 2022, at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time. Learn more on our blog.  
Equity and Access Grant 
FIRST is excited to announce a funding opportunity exclusively available to our U.S.-based FIRST Tech Challenge teams participating in the 2022-2023 season! Teams awarded the Equity and Access grant will receive a grant to support their designated project, which should be focused on increasing participation of female and/or underrepresented populations in STEM. Please note that preference will be given to projects that are presenting FIRST programs. For U.S.-based FIRST Tech Challenge teams, the grant funds will be restricted to use on any registration fees for the team (and product for FIRST Tech Challenge). Read more & apply. We invite you to learn about more of these opportunities, located on the Team Grant Opportunities page.  Best of luck this season! 
FIRST Tech Challenge Rookie Grant 
FIRST Tech Challenge is offering Rookie Grantsto brand new teams! Tell your friends, classmates, or neighbors that are interested in starting a FIRST Tech Challenge team about our Rookie Grants! 
Qualcomm Technologies 
How you design and engineer an invention is critical to its performance, and energy plays a big impact. Find out how Qualcomm enabled 5G technologies are innovating to help global industries cut carbon emissions and improve environmental sustainability! 
Raytheon Technologies Sustainability 
Making the right energy decisions is the focus of POWERPLAY presented by Raytheon Technologies, and sometimes the best inspiration for innovation is hidden right in your own home! See how Raytheon Technologies is exploring the future of cleaner, more sustainable flight using ammonia!