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  1. Game Manual Part 1 Release 
  2. Control Hub “Share the Spare” Reminder 
  3. FIRST® Mentor Network 
Game Manual Part 1 Release 
Get charged up and save the date! Our POWERPLAYSM presented by Raytheon Technologies Game Manual Part 1 is coming July 19! You can find it in our Game & Season Materials.  
Control Hub “Share the Spare” Plan 
We are excited about the upcoming 2022-2023 season, POWERPLAY presented by Raytheon Technologies.  Unfortunately, the REV Robotics Control Hub, a core component of the reusable FIRST®Tech Challenge robot kit, is currently unavailable due to ongoing global supply chain disruptions. All efforts are being made to have Control Hubs in stock in time for kickoff in September.  
In the meantime, we are asking our existing teams to help rookie teams get started by sharing spare Control Hubs and/or Expansion Hubs with Android Phones.  Many teams have spare equipment or Expansion Hubs that they have replaced with Control Hubs.  If you can help “share the spare,” please reach out to your local Program Delivery Partner.    

We are proud of our community and the wonderful acts of Gracious Professionalism® and Coopertition® that our teams display both on
and off the field.  Thank you for everything you do to help grow the 
FIRST® community and help us deliver the Impact of our mission
to as many students as possible. 

FIRST Mentor Network 
Are you looking for mentoring help? Or looking to help out other new teams that might need some extra assistance? Join our FIRST Mentor Network to connect to Mentors or teams and grow our FIRST community! Learn more on our blog.