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  1. FIRST®Championship Housing 
  2. FIRST® Tech Challenge Software Development Kit Release
2023 FIRST® Championship Team Housing
We are proud to partner with ConferenceDirect as the only approved Official Housing Provider for the 2023 FIRST Championship event. Team Housing for the event is opening soon. Sign up to receive a notification by visiting www.firstinspires.org/housing-travel for more details.
FIRST and ConferenceDirect work to ensure that we have a variety of price points, quality products, and amenities all situated in a prime location to ensure that we meet the needs and desires of 2023 FIRST Championship attendees and exhibitors. Only ConferenceDirect, the Event’s contracted Official Housing Company is authorized to use any likeness of the Event, claim partnership with and allowed to book within the Event Official Hotel Block. Reservations made through any company other than ConferenceDirect, are at your own risk.
If you are contacted by anyone other than ConferenceDirect, please notify the hotels@firstinspires.org immediately. Do not provide any personal or financial information to another housing vendor claiming to have rooms for the Event. Only FIRST and ConferenceDirect will contact your team regarding housing for the 2023 FIRST Championship.
FIRST® Tech Challenge Software Development Kit (SDK) Release
We are pleased to announce the release of the FIRST Tech Challenge Software Development Kit (SDK) version 8.1, and subsequent patch version 8.1.1. This release is an optional upgrade release for teams that includes several enhancements for the SDK.
These enhancements include IMU support for REV Control Hubs shipped after September 23, 2022, a new universal IMU interface, updates to iterative OpModes, usability improvements through the REV Hardware Client, and others. For more information, check out our blog post.