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  1. Upcoming Gameplay Team/Coach Webinar
  2. Game Manual Part 1 Updates
  3. Complimentary Software Available for FIRST® Tech Challenge Teams
  4. Updated FIRST® Alumni Handbook
Upcoming Gameplay Team/Coach Webinars
FIRST® Tech Challenge has scheduled a series of webinars to help teams succeed in this season’s game, POWERPLAYsm presented by Raytheon Technologies. The first Gameplay Discussion webinar will be tonight, October 20 at 9 p.m. Eastern Time, register for the webinar here. For the full team webinar schedule, check out our blog post.
Game Manual Part 1 Updates
Please be sure to check out and download the latest revision of the Game Manual Part 1 – both Traditional and Remote versions. All updates are listed in the revision history and include an update to the robot inspection process to inspect the signal sleeve.
Complimentary Software Available for FIRST® Tech Challenge Teams
As a benefit of being a FIRST Tech Challenge Team, some sponsors of FIRST programs have generously provided complimentary software, licenses, and/or support to teams. Check out our website for more information.
Updated FIRST® Alumni Handbook
The updated FIRST Alumni Handbook is available on our FIRST Alumni webpage. This resource is great for high school team members and recent graduates to help them in thinking about their career paths and ways FIRST can support them after high school.