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  1. New Game-Specific Rule
  2. Official Game Q&A Forum is Open
  3. Scoring System – Team Guide
  4. Team Access to Scoring System for Remote Events
  5. Team Webinars
  6. FIRST® Alumni Tip
  7. Watch Episode 4 of Galactic Builders
New Game-Specific Rule
A new revision of the Game Manual Part 2 – both remote and traditional, will have a re-release on October 19, 2021. The following new rule will be added to both manuals as part of the re-release:
<GS11> Drive Teams Touching Robots or Driver Stations after Barcode Randomization – Drive Teams are not allowed to touch or interact with their Robots or Driver Station once field personnel have begun the randomization process. If this occurs, a Minor Penalty will be assessed, and the offending Robot is not eligible to earn the Autonomous Bonus in the Autonomous Period. This Penalty only affects the offending Team. The non-offending Alliance partner Robot remains eligible for the Autonomous Bonus Scoring achievement.
Official Game Q&A Forum is Open
The NEW Official Game Q&A Forum is open for the FREIGHT FRENZYSM presented by Raytheon Technologies season! The forum allows one person from each team to ask questions and receive official answers from our game rule experts. FIRST® Tech Challenge is rolling out a new forum this season, so please read the Official Q&A Forum instructions on our website that walk through how to register in the new system. They are located on our Game and Season Materials webpage, under the Official Q&A Forum Documentation section.
Scoring System – Team Guide
The Team Guide for your team’s remote events is now available on the Game and Season Materials webpage. Afterwards, test your knowledge of the system with the Scoring System Quiz for Teams.
Team Access to Scoring System for Remote Events
FIRST Tech Challenge teams can now access the FIRST Tech Challenge Scoring system for their remote events for the FREIGHT FRENZY presented by Raytheon Technologies season. There is a link to teams’ remote events in the Team Dashboard or teams can access them directly from FIRST Tech Challenge Scoring.
Team Webinars
Does your team have game-related, Dean’s List Award nomination, or team scorekeeping and scoring system questions for the FREIGHT FRENZY presented by Raytheon season? We want to hear from you on these webinars and we hope your questions and answers can help other teams as well as your own as you find your way through the FREIGHT FRENZY season! Learn more about our team webinars, schedule, and invitation links in our recent blog post. These calls are specifically for the benefit of teams. Volunteers will have separate calls where they can ask game experts about the game rules.
FIRST Alumni Tip
Help your team members make the most of their FIRST® experience! Encourage team members to include FIRST experience on their resumes and applications and online with services like Tallo where they can request FIRST-specific badges that companies and colleges can search. Find more resources at www.firstinspires.org/alumni.  
Watch Episode 4 of Galactic Builders
In "Building Star Wars Virtual Reality Experiences with ILMxLAB," Zander Dejah shares his journey to becoming a gameplay engineer at ILMxLAB and how he turns imagination into virtual reality experiences. We also hear how FIRST Robotics Competition students Leonora and Irma from the Wolverines team apply their engineering skills to create devices that help their community. Watch episode 4 now, and catch up on all of season 1 and 2.