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  1. Driver Station Workaround 
  2. AndyMark Game Field Set Orders 
  3. FREIGHT FRENZYSM presented by Raytheon Technologies 
  4. Galactic Builders Season 2, Episode 3 Now Available
  5. Inspire the Future: FIRSTEducators Recognition Program


Driver Station Workaround
Version 7.0 of the Driver Station exposes a bug in Android 6.0 on Moto G series phones. This bug is fixed in Android 6.0.1; however, the last update for some Moto G series phones in some regions was Android 6.0. The bug manifests itself as a crash when attempting to switch to Control Hub pairing. The FIRST® Tech Challenge Technology Team has developed a workaround, labeled v7.0.1, for this problem specifically for this phone.

Teams using Moto G series phones as Driver Stations, running Android 6.0 with no option to upgrade to Android 6.0.1, should use FtcDriverStation-7.0.1-release.apk available through the REV Hardware Client or directly from the v7.0 release page on GitHub. 

AndyMark Game Field Set Orders 
Please check out our new blog that outlines what is in each of the AndyMark field kits. This is to help guide teams on what they need to purchase for the FREIGHT FRENZYSM season! 
FREIGHT FRENZY presented by Raytheon Technologies  
If you missed the Kickoff show, see the full Kickoff Broadcast here. If you want to check out the game animation, that’s available here! We have also started a YouTube playlist of FREIGHT FRENZY-related videos, to which we will be adding content throughout the season.  
Galactic Builders Season 2, Episode 3 Now Available 
In the episode “Building a Star Wars Grogu Plush Toy with Mattel,” we learn how two Mattel toy designers and a FIRST®  student are using their design and engineering skills to bring Star Wars characters to life. Mattel toy designers Ed Duncan and Denise Wong share how they built their dream careers around their creative passions and the incredible work that went into developing the Grogu Plush Toy. We also meet with Matthew, from FIRST®  Robotics Competition team “Athenian Robotics Collective,” whose love for engineering and practical effects inspires him to create his own Star Wars models and animatronics. Watch the episode here! 
Inspire the Future: FIRST Educators Recognition Program 
The FIRST community is full of dedicated and inspirational teachers. Here at FIRST, recognition is not only part of our name but core to our ethos, and that’s why we are proud to launch the Inspire the Future: FIRST Educators Recognition Program! 
We want to celebrate the FIRST educators who impact and inspire their learning communities. We truly could not further the mission of FIRST without them.Learn more about the Inspire the Future: FIRST Educators Recognition Program and how YOU can nominate an educator who has made an impact in your community!