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February Team Gameplay Discussion 
Don’t miss our February team webinar! Here’s the link to register for our Team Gameplay Discussion on Thursday, February 17, 2022, starting at 9:05 p.m. Eastern Time. 
Volunteer at a FIRST® Robotics Competition Event 
Help us ensure our teams have the best experience this season by donating your time as a FIRST Robotics Competition event volunteer. We have both technical and
non-technical roles
available, with both in-person and remote options. 

Check out these instructions on how to apply. Sign up to volunteer at an event near you! 

FIRST® Mentor Network  
As the season gets busier, your needs and plans may shift.
If you find yourselves in need of additional support, check
out the
FIRST Mentor Network. It’s a great way to quickly
and easily connect with mentors near and far. Whether you
are looking for technical support on an ongoing basis or just someone to review your team’s business plan, there are mentors waiting to connect with you! Build a profile today
and connect with a new mentor! 

If you have already signed up, try these tips and tricks to help your team get noticed:  

  • Brag about yourself! What is your team about? What are your team goals? How will getting help assist you in reaching your goals?   
  • Message potential mentors! This is key. Don’t sit
    on the sidelines. Reach out to mentors in your area
    or those who have the skills you are looking for. Someone has to take the first step!   
  • Message Back! If you get a message from a mentor, be responsive. We know things get in the way, but always be gracious and respond, even if you no longer need help.    
FREIGHT FRENZYSM presented by Raytheon Technologies Game and Season Materials Page
If you have game questions, we have answers! Make sure
to check out and bookmark our
Game & Season Materials webpage for all the info you need to compete in FREIGHT FRENZY presented by Raytheon Technologies.