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Program Updates, Deadlines & Reminders 
Before you go to your event: In case you missed it, we sent an email last week with tips and recommendations to help ensure a successful event season.
Livestreamed Events: To watch the live streams of an event, visit the FIRST® Robotics Competition-Events webpage and select the event that you would like to watch!
Robot Transportation: Teams that accept a spot at FIRST® Championship and secure the registration fee will be receiving an email from frclogistics@firstinspires.org to select the option to either hand-carry or ship a crated robot to FIRST Championship. For more information, please visit the Robot Transportation page. We ask that teams make an informed choice, as transportation may be affected by delays due to circumstances related to world events.
Zebra MotionWorks™ for FIRST® Robotics Competition at the FIRST Championship: In this blog, Asher Kaufman and Matt Boehm of Zebra Technologies discuss how Zebra MotionWorks for FIRST Robotics Competition can improve gameplay and the spectator experience!
FIRST® Updates
2023 FIRST Championship Team Housing: Team housing for the 2023 FIRST Championship is now available. Explore more than 30 hotel locations to find guaranteed low rates at FIRST-reviewed and sanctioned hotels close to the convention center. When you book with FIRST, you and your team will also enjoy special amenities at most hotels including complimentary Wi-Fi, breakfast, and parking.
Community Engagement  
Volunteer at a FIRST Robotics Competition Event: Help us ensure teams have the best experience this season by donating your time as a FIRST Robotics Competition event volunteer. We have both technical and non-technical roles available, including some partial- day opportunities. Check out these instructions on how to apply and sign up to volunteer at an event near you!
As always, we are here to help. Please contact our Customer Support Team with any questions.   
FIRST® Robotics Competition Team Support