Hi Friend,

If you were given the chance to shop online at your favorite store using funny money to get fabulous products just for the price of shipping would you do it? 

If you answered yes, then FIRST® Choice is for you! 

Visit FIRST Choice

The FIRST Choice program is something you don’t want to miss. Why? As a FIRST® Robotics Competition team, you are eligible to receive parts donated by FIRST® suppliers for just the cost of shipping. Many of the suppliers that generously donate parts for FIRST Choice are suppliers whose parts you already use on your FIRST Robotics Competition robot. In fact, many of these parts are sought after by teams: speed controllers, motors, bearings, pneumatic components, cables, wheels, tools and so much more!  

Parts cost “credits” and every FIRST Robotics Team receives the same number of credits. Create a Priority List by noon ET on December 4, 2019, for Round 1 and by noon ET on January 9, 2020, for Round 2. Items are then assigned via an auto draft system and shipped to the teams. Woo! Or, you can wait and shop online with your credits during open ordering from January 17, 2020 until April 10, 2020.

Creating a Priority List can be overwhelming because there are lots of parts and products available, but don’t let that deter you. You can find sample lists online such as “pneumatics” or “vision” to help guide your choices. It’s also helpful to reach out to a veteran team and ask what parts and products they would order. Submitting your priority list is a good way to get some of the more desirable products, but if you miss these deadlines you can still take advantage of the available parts during open ordering. You just might not get that cool part you wanted. 

Login credentials for FIRST Choice can be found on the Lead Coach/Mentor 1 & 2 Dashboards. For more information visit the FIRST Choice section on the Kit of Parts page.

Please note: any Priority List submitted by a team that has not secured first-event registration payment with FIRST by noon ET on Dec. 4, 2020 will be discarded before lists are ported in to the auto draft system. Please anticipate at least one (1) business day for registration payment to be processed and the updated status to be relayed to AndyMark.

Additional deadlines: There are other hard and fast FIRST Choice deadlines you need to know about. Mark your calendars! 

  • Round 1 Ends December 4, 2019 (noon ET)
  • Round 2 Opens January 4, 2020 (noon ET)
  • Round 2 Ends January 9, 2020 (noon ET)
  • Open Ordering Starts January 17, 2020 (noon ET)
  • Open Ordering Ends April 10, 2020 (noon ET)

Overall, it’s a simple way for your team to get some great products with little effort. Don’t miss this opportunity! For more information, please visit the FIRST website , check out this cool flow chart, or email  FIRSTChoice@andymark.com

Happy shopping!



FIRST® Robotics Competition Support