Hello Teams,

As many of you know, last week we announced we would continue with the Dean’s List and Woodie Flowers Finalist Award process. As noted in that team blast, we were still finalizing details for the other awards with help from our Chief Judge Advisors and Hall of Fame Teams. Because we still want to recognize the amazing work from our teams, FIRST® will select and recognize Chairman’s Winners for each Regional and District Event that has been suspended.

The safety and health of our teams and volunteers continue to be our number one priority, and because of the significant challenge in establishing effective and convenient Chairman’s presentations with multiple individuals, we will only use the submitted essays to decide the winners of the Chairman’s Award at each Regional and District Event. No remote interviews will take place and no additional material will be collected by the Judges. Decisions regarding Chairman’s Awards for District Championships will be made later.

A minimum of two judges per event will be responsible for reading the essay submissions and selecting winners. Just like the normal season, a team can only win Chairman’s at one event so we will ensure that this occurs. Winners will be notified later this year and trophies, plaques, medallions, and banners will be provided to winning teams.

Since the 2020 FIRST® Championship has been cancelled, FIRST Championship Chairman’s Award Winners will not be selected for the 2020 season. Decisions about advancement to the 2021 FIRST Championship will be made later.

It is important for our teams to know that we are still working through the many complex issues involved with the suspended season. Recognizing our Chairman’s Award winners in the short term has no impact on decisions regarding the suspended events in the long term.

As always, we are here to help. Please contact our Customer Support Team with any questions.
FIRST® Robotics Competition Team Support