Regional and District events start next week!
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Regional and District events start next week! Are you ready for competition?
What to do before you leave for your first event: 
  • Ensure you have parent permission for students to travel, a list of emergency contact numbers, and information on any and all student medical needs. Carry this information with you to the event. 
  • Print out the event’s agenda by visiting our Events and Teams in My Area page and clicking on the event’s name. 
  • Hold an event planning meeting with your team. Discuss:  
    • Schedule – see event agenda above 
    • Dress code - all participants should wear appropriate clothing, closed toed shoes, and bring safety glasses 
    • Event behavior – Please read and understand the Event Rules
    • Team protocol - How will you know where your students are at all times? What should students do if there is an issue? Where will you gather for meals?  
  • Read the Rules and Expectations for FIRST® Robotics Competition Events page. 
  • Plan for team identity. Will everyone wear the same shirts, hats or badges?  - This last item is nice to do, but not required.   

What to bring with you to your first event:  

  • Print out your team roster from your registration account and gather paper copies of Consent and Release forms for any team members who did not complete the Consent and Release form online. More information, including a step by step guide for parents, can be found here
  • Locate your robot lockup form, extra bags, and spare tags (you should be prepared to bag your robot at the end of the event). 
  • Find everything you withheld when you bagged and tagged your robot. 
  • Gather tools, gloves and materials for robot repair. 
  • Pack safety glasses for everyone traveling with you to the event. Your team will spend most of their time in the Pit, and no one may enter the Pits without safety glasses. Bring extras for team member’s families and special guests.

What to do first at your first event:  

  • When the Pits open, immediately send a mentor to Pit Administration to:
    • Check in 
    • Turn in your team roster and any paper Consent and Release forms 
    • Pick up your registration packet 
  • Find the official in charge of checking the robot isolation bag and have him/her check your robot and paperwork BEFORE you open the bag. 
  • Get your robot inspected. 
  • Setup your Pit Space. 
  • Introduce yourselves to the teams in Pits nearby. These are people who know just what you’ve been going through during build season and who can help you survive your first competition. 
  • Listen closely to all announcements made over the loud speakers in the pit area.  
  • Talk to everyone you can. FIRST Robotics Competition events are filled with knowledgeable people who are willing and able to help your team. This is a great time to make connections with people who can help you right now and in years to come. 
  • Have fun!

We’re here to help: 

If you have any questions, please contact Team Support at or call 1-800-871-8326, extension “0” – we are eager to help you during the season! 

Prepping for your events – Book your team rooms
You’ve done it – you made it through build season! Now it’s time to prepare for event(s).

  • Book your event housing with FIRST®
  • Arrange human & robot transportation
  • Prep your team spirit & promotion (t-shirts, signs, giveaways, cheers)
  • Prep your pit style (posters, decorations, banners, trophies)
  • Build a cart for your robot
  • Pack tools, extra parts, & supplies
  • Pack safety glasses and a First Aid Kit
  • Make a list of team contact info and emergency contacts
  • Plan snacks & drinks so the team is hydrated and energized

2019 National Advocacy Conference Registration in Washington, DC - WE NEED MORE TEAMS/STUDENTS to make sure Congress takes FIRST seriously! One or more students can attend with a parent or mentor or even a neighboring team. PLEASE mention it to your team to see if anyone is interested in attending. Participants meet with their Members of Congress and Senators after being trained on the issues!  June 23 - 25, 2019, in Washington D.C. Register by April 1, 2019, to get some exclusive merchandise and to be entered for a chance to win a private reception! Visit for more information. FIRST® Robotics Competition & FIRST® Tech Challenge teams and individuals are welcome. Questions, more information, and registration: or email

FIRST Alumni Spotlight: We caught up with FIRST Alumni Rob Fyfe in this Alumni Update. Are you or someone you know a FIRST Alum? Share your story and you may be featured in a future Alumni Spotlight.  

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