FIRST students engaged at Innovation Faire

Inspiring a New
Generation of Innovators

The Walt Disney Company is committed to providing today’s youth with inspiration and opportunity through transformative programming and has been a proud supporter of the global k-12 nonprofit organization, FIRST®, for over 20 years. This year, Lucasfilm and parent company Disney are excited to team up with FIRST to inspire the next generation of heroes and innovators as part of the
Star Wars: Force for Change philanthropic initiative.

For the last four decades, Star Wars has ignited a passion across generations and with audiences around the world to imagine the impossible, dig deep and to find the hero within themselves. As a robotics community, FIRST has done the same for millions of students – creating a movement to prepare young people for the future.

See for yourself why Star Wars: Force for Change,
Disney and Lucasfilm are teaming up with FIRST.


FIRST LEGO League students programming robot FIRST LEGO League Jr. student having fun at Championship FIRST students working on their robot at the Championship FIRST Robotics Competition team driving robot on field

Empowering those who will change the world today and tomorrow

Together, we’ll bring hands-on learning opportunities and mentorship to more young people, empowering them to not only think big, but to develop the skills needed to be the next generation of innovators. With more than 600,000 young people and 200,000 mentors and volunteers participating in FIRST programs around the world every year, we have a tremendous opportunity to foster a sense of belonging, community, and teamwork.


Throughout history, great civilizations have risen, then fallen. Now it’s our turn to rise—building and bolstering our own planetary metropolis.

This 2019-2020 season, FIRST RISESM, powered by Star Wars: Force for Change, is setting out to inspire citizens of the galaxy to work together, strengthening and protecting the Force that binds us and creating a place where collaboration and collective wisdom can elevate new ideas and foster growth.Together, we RISE. Join Us.