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Welcome to FIRST Tech Challenge

We're so glad you're here!  

Hear about what it's like to be part of a team, discover how to successfully start a new team, and explore all of the resources available to participants, parents, mentors, and teachers.    

Prepare your FIRST Tech Challenge Team For Success

To help you guide your new team for their FIRST Tech Challenge season, we've compiled everything from curriculum to robot building instructions: 

Jump Start Season Timeline:

FTC yearly infographic-1

Suggested Activities: 

January - April
  • Order your robotics kit
  • Connect with the community 
  • Attend an event in your area
  • Review available resources
  • Recruit team members
  • Practice programming and robot building 
  • Register your team for the 2019-2020 season using your Jump Start credit
June - August 
  • Continue pre-season building and programming practice
  • Connect with your Local Partner for season details
  • Finalize your team meeting schedule 
  • Assign roles within your team 

Team Resources:

Team Registration Dashboard
Your destination for managing your team, including purchasing your team registration and access to the FIRST Tech Challenge Storefront. 

Team Management Resources
Everything you need to know about leading a team including checklists, manuals, and fundraising resources.  

FIRST Tech Challenge Events
Find events in your area to see first-hand what your team will be doing next season. You'll also meet local teams and can connect with fellow mentors for advice.

Education Resources:

FIRST Class, the FIRST Tech Challenge Curriculum
Authentic project-based STEM learning awaits your team with our free stand-alone robotics, programming, and engineering course for grades 7-12.

Technical Resources:

Programming Resources
From Blocks Programming to Android Studio, review tutorials and training manuals to guide you regardless of your technical expertise.

Robot Building Resources
Basic REV and TETRIX Bot Build Guides, video tutorials, wiring guides, and more. 

Connect with the FIRST Tech Challenge Community:

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See what this year's participants are exploring in the out-of-this world game, ROVER RUCKUS Presented by Qualcomm.