Support FIRST® PreK-12 Program Implementation with DonorsChoose Funding 


Funding STEM Learning just got a little easier.

Using the DonorsChoose platform, eligible teachers from all over the United States can create classroom project funding requests, which are then fulfilled by generous citizen donors as well as corporations and foundations.

Since 2016 in partnership with DonorsChoose and through generous donations from sponsors such as News Corp, Disney, and more, partial funding has helped teachers cover the cost of important materials to support their FIRST teams and Class Packs such as LEGO® robot or building sets, hand or power tools, laptops, tablets, 3D printers, and more!

Throughout the school year, innovative sponsor-driven campaigns help fund classrooms and provide team materials through community donations that benefit FIRST.

Who is Eligible for this Opportunity?

When available, opportunities are open to U.S.-based full-time educators and school district employees who work directly with students at least 75 percent of the time from:

  • Public Schools
  • Public Charter Schools
  • Head Start Centers
  • Bureau of Indian Education Schools

In the spirit of the DonorsChoose crowdfunding model, many campaigns will not fund 100 percent of any posted FIRST project. FIRST will not apply funding to projects that include team or Class Pack registration costs.

DonorsChoose Support of FIRST Projects and Student Learning Experiences


Teachers Supported


Schools Served


Funded Projects

$1,019,202.50 Given to FIRST Projects

New DonorsChoose Funding Opportunity 

Thank you to our DonorsChoose Sponsor, News Corp, for making this possible!

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Create My FIRST Project on DonorsChoose

Please note: Funding cannot be used to cover the cost of FIRST team or Class Pack registrations. Funding is not guaranteed and projects must meet the donor intent requirements.

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