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Team Blast January 25, 2024

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👨‍💻 FIRST® HQ Employment Opportunity

⚡ Tech Tip of the Week

🚨 Dr. Bart Kamen Memorial FIRST® Scholarship - Deadline Feb. 1 

☀️ FIRST Camp Guides

🤖 FIRST Championship Conferences - Request for Proposals


FIRST® HQ Employment Opportunity
FIRST® Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition are looking for a project engineer to lead game design for both programs (job posting). Note that this role is in-person at the FIRST offices in Manchester, New Hampshire. Apply today if you're interested!

Tech Tip of the Week
This week’s Tech Tip is dedicated to the REV Resistive Grounding Strap. The REV Resistive Grounding Strap (RGS) is the only FIRST Tech Challenge legal means of providing a grounding option for your robot frame or connected structural elements.

Static electricity has two basic behaviors depending on whether it’s building up on a conductive or non-conductive surface. On non-conductive surfaces like polycarbonate or other plastics static electricity builds up in “pools”, on conductive surfaces like most metals static electricity spreads and distributes across the entire surface of the conducting material.

Aluminum extrusion used on robots typically has a clear non-conductive anodized layer used to prevent corrosion of the aluminum but the aluminum under the layer is conductive.

When using the RGS, it’s important to connect the RGS to surfaces where you want to mitigate static buildup or the possibility of ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD).

If mounting the RGS to aluminum on your robot, it’s recommended to use a multimeter (example) to test the continuity between the ring terminal on the RGS to different places on the robot to determine if any static buildup on those places will be mitigated by the RGS.

It may be necessary to scrape the aluminum to create a conductive path between multiple segments of aluminum, just remember that a non-conductive oxide layer will eventually form on the exposed aluminum. “Jumper wires” screwed to aluminum elements can also be added to ensure conductivity between components. 

Dr. Bart Kamen Memorial FIRST® Scholarship - Deadline February 1
Time is running out! If you're passionate about medicine or biomedical engineering, don't miss your chance to secure one of four $10,000 renewable scholarships.

Act fast – the deadline is February 1! Learn more and apply now for this incredible opportunity. This opportunity is available to students worldwide that are attending college or university in the United States. 

FIRST Camp Guides
Is your team interested in hosting a fundraiser or outreach event this spring or summer? Would you like to use FIRST® LEGO® League or FIRST® Tech Challenge season materials to continue impacting younger generations? 

Introduce your students to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and life changing FIRST programs by hosting a FIRST Camp. Using the FIRST Camp resources as your guide, get ready for an unforgettable STEM adventure filled with hands-on learning and teamwork. Your campers will participate in age-appropriate robotics and coding activities that will ignite their curiosity throughout the week-long camp experience.

To run your camp, you’ll need access to FIRST LEGO League division or FIRST Tech Challenge materials. You can register for a FIRST Class Pack or utilize prior-season materials if you’ve recently participated in FIRSTGet your free camp guides here.

FIRST Championship Conferences – Request for Proposals
FIRST is accepting proposals for the 2024 FIRST Championship Conferences that will be running Wednesday-Friday at the 2024 FIRST Championship presented by BAE Systems. Students, mentors, educators, coaches, volunteers, staff, and sponsors are welcome to submit a proposal before our February 9 deadline. Presenters will be notified in mid-March if they have been selected.   

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