Dean's Homework Assignment:
Celebrating Our Teachers and Christa McAuliffe



“You get the best of what you celebrate.” This year, we are celebrating Christa McAuliffe and the teachers who inspire us all each day.

Through the hard work and dedication of FIRST® teams, our community made the Christa McAuliffe Silver Dollar possible! The first U.S. coin to feature a teacher, the Christa McAuliffe Silver Dollar celebrates Christa’s legacy as a teacher and all educators who live her ethos of “I touch the future. I teach.” After passing legislation in 2019, the Silver Dollar, which also features the FIRST logo is available for purchase in 2021 only.

This year, Dean’s Homework assignment is to celebrate Christa McAuliffe’s legacy and spread the mission of FIRST by supporting sales of the coin in unique ways.

Christa McAuliffe CoinTeachers like Christa light the spark of curiosity and imagination in their students. She has inspired countless teachers and students to pursue their dreams. Though her life was tragically cut short, Christa continues to be a role model and her legacy as a STEM trailblazer lives on. This year, the coin offers the unique opportunity to honor her mission to inspire young people to dream big.

With your help, we can celebrate Christa and all teachers who “touch the future” through education.

More information about purchasing the Christa McAuliffe Silver Dollar can be found at A portion of proceeds from each coin purchase benefit FIRST to help reach more students interested in pursuing STEM fields.


Don't just #makeitloud this year, crank up the volume. The coin is only available in 2021. The more that make it into the hands of teachers, family members and friends, the more people see the FIRST logo and make the connection between Christa, STEM, and the largest robotics community in the world.

Here are some tips to help you get an A+ from Dean this year and expand awareness of FIRST.

  • Gift a Coin
    • Take a video or photo of you or your team gifting a coin to a teacher(s) and saying thank you. Share the video on social media with #FIRSTcelebratesTeachers
    • Teams can purchase a coin to display with team trophies and other FIRST memorabilia.
  • Write to your Local Newspapers and TV Station
    • Write or email your local media outlets and tell them about Christa McAuliffe, an inspiring local teacher, and FIRST. Encourage them to do a story and share with the community the unique opportunity to honor and celebrate Christa McAuliffe and all inspiring educators in STEM.
    • Read and share this article about Christa and her impact on Dean and her former high school students on TIME.
  • Get Creative!
    • Look for innovative ways to celebrate educators in your community in Christa’s honor. How can you recognize their invaluable work and get Christa’s coin into the hands of deserving teachers? Show us how you're completing this year's homework assignment. Tag FIRST in your post with #DeansHomework

About the Christa McAuliffe Silver Dollar: The 2021 Christa McAuliffe Silver Dollar recognizes the former social studies teacher who, in 1985, was chosen to be the first participant in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Teacher in Space program. Advocating for many years, Dean Kamen, the FIRST community and Members of Congress helped pass the Christa McAuliffe Commemorative Coin Act through U.S. Congress in 2019. During its on-sale year in 2021, our goal is to celebrate Christa McAuliffe and spread awareness of the impact Christa had young people, educators and STEM professionals. A portion of proceeds from each coin sale help FIRST bring robotics to more communities.



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