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Join the
block party at
FIRST® Championship

The ultimate innovation celebration awaits! Be the first to know when 2019 FIRST Championship housing and travel discounts become available. 


We want you to have the time of your life at FIRST® Championship. That's why we're putting together housing and travel discounts so you can focus on the celebration.

When you join the FIRST block party, you will: 

  • Stay close to all the event action
  • Receive guaranteed low rates at FIRST-reviewed and sanctioned hotels
  • Enjoy FIRST-only contracted amenities at most hotels including complimentary Wi-Fi, breakfast, and parking
  • Build your STEM squad by connecting with other teams
  • Earn rewards points

Housing Reservations are now available for attending teams:

Houston Hotel Blocks    Detroit Hotel Blocks

Housing options are will be available in mid-March for spectators and all other attendees. Volunteers registered for the 2019 FIRST Championship will receive an email invitation with their housing information.

Additional FIRST Championship savings are now available:

  • Airline travel
  • Ground transportation & car rentals
  • Event discounts

Save now!  Houston  |  Detroit 

Complete the form to be among the first to hear from us when housing options for volunteers and spectators become available this season.

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