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Thank you for your interest in the free training module: Invisible Inequities

FIRST® has been collaborating with the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity to develop training for Coaches, Mentors, Volunteers, Partners and other key stakeholders who work directly with students and are committing to create diverse, inclusive and equitable teams. We know that culture shapes our biases and beliefs about people based on their age, gender, race, language, (dis)ability, or income level, often without our realization. Through engaging and reflective activities on the power of culture on our interactions with students, these modules will equip us with specific strategies to support community outreach, student participation, persistence, engagement and success.

The course is free and accessible to anyone via the Schoology Learning Management System. Once you fill out this form to request access, you will receive instructions on how to create an account and join the course.

Please fill out the information on the form to gain access to the module.