News: FIRST LEGO League Challenge released, 3 teachers start a team without STEM experience, and how FIRST helped one alum plan his future
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FIRST® LEGO® League HYDRO DYNAMICSSM Challenge Released

Dive into the 2017-2018 FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge: HYDRO DYNAMICSSM. This season more than 235,000 students from around the world will explore the human water cycle: how we find, transport, use, and/or dispose of water. Teams will build autonomous robots with LEGO® MINDSTORMS® technology and perform a series of missions. In addition to the robot game, students will choose and solve a real-world human water cycle problem. Students will absorb STEM skills, while learning to make positive contributions to society.

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How Three Teachers Who Knew Nothing About Robotics Started a FIRST® Program

What happened when teachers without STEM experience started a FIRST LEGO League team? Three Brooklyn teachers were unsure if they had the necessary skills to coach, but they knew that the program would positively impact their students. As shared with We Are Teachers, follow the transformation of the students — and the teachers.

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Alumni Spotlight: Evan Rotter

Evan Rotter was not a model student, but he loved mechanics. FIRST gave Evan the motivation he needed to turn from a disengaged student to one with a post-graduation plan. Read how FIRST empowered Evan to pursue his dreams and find a pathway outside of a traditional four-year college education.

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