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Funding available for new teams. Apply today and get your team started!

FIRST®, the world’s largest STEM education program, strives to inspire people to be science and technology leaders. FIRST® Tech Challenge is More Than Robotssm.

A limited number of grants are available.

Through generous donations, need-based grants are available – making now the perfect time to participate in real-life, relevant, hands-on STEM activities that are also designed to develop critical thinking, creative problem solving, collaboration, and teamwork skills. Grants are closing soon - so don't delay!

Rookie (new) teams can apply for a $275 registration grant, and another $275 to help pay for materials.

Join the vibrant community of over 400,000 participants and take advantage of tremendous support resources offered by FIRST. Learn more about FIRST® Tech Challenge. No prior experience with robotics is necessary. Get your team started today.

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