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Attention Rookie Teams: Rookie teams who have qualified for Championship are now allowed to add themselves to the Championship waitlist. This change in policy has been made to allow qualifying Rookie teams the option to attend their non-home Championship. The policy preventing non-qualified Rookie teams from adding themselves to the Championship waitlist still stands.

All teams, including Rookie Teams who have qualified at their event, are now able to login and add their team to the Championship waitlist of their choice by selecting the “Event Registration” option under “Team Tasks” on their dashboard. 

For more information about the waitlist option for your non-home event, please reference the following blog post: 

Championship Registration: Teams who have qualified for Championship will receive an email from FIRST® letting them know that they have been registered for their home Championship event. However, our registration system requires that teams first be placed on a waitlist prior to registration. Therefore, some teams may receive an email notification that they have been placed on the waitlist first. Your team should receive an additional email shortly after stating that your team has been registered. 

Should you have any questions about the registration status of any event, please view your team’s event registration status on the Dashboard. 

For a reminder of the Championship notification schedule and payment deadlines, please visit: 

Week four of the 2017FIRST®Robotics Competition event season is here! As you prepare for your event(s), we ask that you keep the following in mind: 

  • Team rosters and consent and release forms: All teams must hand in their team roster and any paper-copy consent and release forms when checking-in at their event. Teams must turn in their roster and paper-copy consent and release forms at every competition event they attend.  
  • Don’t forget your safety glasses!  As most of you know, everyone is required to wear safety glasses at all times in the Pit area.  When you are packing up to go to your event(s), please remember to pack safety glasses for every student and mentor who will be in the Pit area.  FIRST has only a limited supply of extra safety glasses on hand to lend, so we appreciate your efforts to supply enough safety glasses for your entire team! Make sure that your glasses are NSI-approved, UL Listed, CE EN166 rated, AS/NZS, or CSA rated non-shaded safety glasses. 
  • STEAMWORKSSMTheme: Remind your team to consider the points mentioned in this blog when dressing for the event:  
  • Please review the Safety Manual! You can view the Safety Manual here: It is important that teams obey all safety items, including wearing closed toe shoes, wearing gloves when necessary, and practicing safe lifting techniques. 
  • Do not save seats. It is not fair to other teams or public guests, and is against the rules.  See rule E03 here: 
  • Respect boundaries in the Pit area!  Please be respectful of fellow teams by being aware of how much space your team is using in the Pit area. Each team is usually allocated a 10’x10’x10’ Pit space.  Please be conscious of how much space your team is using to allow adequate workspace for your neighboring teams, and to ensure overall safety for everyone.  We appreciate your Gracious Professionalism®! 
  • Extended Team Support Hours: Team Support will be available on Saturdays during competition event weeks from 12:00-5:00 pm Eastern Time. For assistance, please call 1-800-871-8326 x 0. 

Robot Transportation to the Championship: All qualifying teams MUST ship their robot to the Championship event. FIRST will provide teams with their shipping documents following their qualifying event via email.Do not leave your robot at your regional event unless you are instructed to do so- you must bring your robot home with you and ship it from your location after receiving instructions fromFIRST.Teams should make arrangements to ship their robot immediately after receiving their shipping documents.   


As always, we are here to help. Please contact our Customer Support Team with any questions, or if you need help, visit our "Contact Us" webpage:

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